We are a Toronto marketing and business development firm helping North American companies catalyze top-line revenue growth by bridging strategic planning with hands-on sales and marketing execution.

Our Expertise: Problems We Solve

#1: Sales & Marketing Alignment

It's an accepted industry fact that 50% of B2B sales staff consistently miss their quotas, directly impacting top-line growth. While sales and marketing point fingers at each other, the true problem is a lack of coordination and alignment between the two functional areas. Ormond ensures that your marketing works to support your sales targets by reaching your prospective customers ahead of your sales team. This in turn, allows your sales staff to cultivate relationships, rather than consistently cold call.

#2: Lack of Internal Implementation Resources

Far too many organizations do not have the financial or operational bandwidth for a full-time marketing and business development team, yet require access to full-time marketing and sales resources. In cases where internal sales or marketing leadership is the missing piece of the puzzle, we partner with you to affect aggressive growth and provide consistent marketing and sales implementation expertise and guidance.

#3: Marketing & Sales Strategic Planning

Many companies fail to market to different types of customers, or simply don't have a marketing/sales plan that accounts for the notion that all customers are not created equal. We help bring in the right leads, focus your marketing on clearly defined and differentiated customer/prospect segments, and help your team to effectively engage each segment.


Our Approach: Solutions We Deliver

An Overarching Strategy

The Ormond Group philosophy rests in the belief that in order to be successful organizations need to bridge creative, strategic and analytical insights. Traditionally, these areas of expertise are found in separate consulting organizations, such as advertising agencies, management consulting firms, and consumer/market research firms. By fusing these separate insights into a single approach that includes marketing, sales and business development, The Ormond Group is able to develop and execute strategies that improve your positioning in the context of the broader market, enhance your organizational performance and competitive differentiation, and create direct routes to your customers and consumers via new technology channels.

Strategy + Implementation

Since its founding in 2004, The Ormond Group has provided marketing and business development expertise to a variety of organizations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We partner with companies to develop marketing, sales and business development strategies and subsequently can also provide a hands-on marketing implementation expertise in case your organization does not have a full-time chief marketing officer.

The Ormond Guarantee

Your partnership with Ormond means that we aim to turn great companies into world-class marketers and strive for shared success. We achieve these goals one client at a time, executing in the interim and planning for the long-term. Ultimately, our focus is on pursuing the highest standards of excellence, while aligning our marketing strategy expertise with your growth objectives and organizational goals.